what is a stone mason!
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headstones solihull is a person who knows how to work with the rough pieces of stone and change them into perfect geometrical figures which are then used for arts and crafts. He has specialized in working with the difficult stones and had gone through a training period of three years (in the ancient times, it used to be seven years training program before anyone could become an expert mason). These experts work in several buildings, make sculptures, structures and different artifacts. The structures built by the stone masons at memorials memorials are quite famous in each country. The most famous ones include Taj Mahal, the Egyptian pyramids, Parthenon, Chatres cathedral and many other places in the whole world.

There are several types of stone mason. Each of them specializes in dealing with different stones and building different structures. The types of different stone mason Birmingham include quarrymen, sawyers, bank masons, fiver masons, carvers and memorial masons.

The nature of their job varies. Some of them are destined to fix stones in the building while other masons do the job of writing or carving on the stone. Different types of hammers are used to perform this job. Many other tools are also used for this.

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